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Technology Introduction

Tachibana's "Development Technology"

 Catching the trend and creating the new products are duty for “Development Technology”. We are dedicating and challenging various issues on standing on Environmental correspondence, Global strategy and Consumer’s trends.

Taking up one example, which we are considering environmental protection as Earth Environment issue, we are participating in a development of vinyl chloride free product. We are also stepping into the planning stage of new product of various manufacturers, which taking opportunities to produce the products reflected the needs of consumers and times, and trying to contribute the society widely.

Besides, we are creating the additional merits, such as quality improvement, after improving the mold precision as well as shortening the terms of works from making the drawing to production by 3D simulation, feeding back the facts to R&D Staff by Structure analysis and

Tachibana's "Production Technology"

 To achieve the best efficiency is our ultimate target. It is duties for our production technology to support our various production lines by the technical aspect. Saying in the concrete, we have three duties. The first one is“Support for new production line”, which can be in charge of the various supports from the examination of new facilities introduction and the production method of the initial production to the mass production. The second is “Support for existing production line”, which can be in charge of reviewing method and process and development for dies and exclusive automatic production facilities, in order to work our production facilities efficiently. The third is “Support for maintenance”, which can be in charge of the maintenance management, such as prevention of mechanical trouble on our existing production facilities in order to minimize the time of stopping the production line in trouble occurred. As based on these three duties, Tachibana strives to increase the efficiency, such as shortening of the large production lead time, and developing the original production process.

Tachibana's "Production Process"

"Production Process" is our nucleus of the manufacturing at all the time.

We make our original production facilities worked efficiently with Development Technology, Production Technology, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Sale and Delivery. It can be manufacturing Aluminum Cord Heaters with welding jigs, which are our establishment products on our electric parts business, and Car Seat Heaters made by unmanned sewing machine.

Besides, our product work achieves to manufacture the parts for Refrigerators, Car seat heaters and Soundproofing wall with high quality and high efficiency.

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