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Company Profile
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Company Profile

Chinese Name 広州塔祈巴那電器有限公司(GTEC)
Incorporation date 11 January, 2002 (The date of Business certificated )
Address Transnational Industrial Park, Yuexi Village, Shilou Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
P.C. 511447
Tel +86-20-8465-6600
FAX +86-20-8465-6601
Capital Form Japanese owned limited liability company
Capital Fund 400,000,000 Yen
Contribution Ratio Hongkong Tachibana Electronics Co., Ltd. : 100%
Board Of Directors President:Koji Matsumoto
Managing Director: Liu Congzhi
Director : Toshiyuki Nishino
Scale 25,021㎡(Workshop: 14,976㎡, Dormitory: 10,045㎡)
Number Of Employee 1,068 (30 April, 2012)
Business Scope Production and sales of electric components and finished products
License License Processing with imported and supplied materials and Domestic sales in China with VAT invoice

Business Items

Refrigerator Components Aluminum PVC cord heater for refrigerator
Wire harness for refrigerator
Lamp socket for refrigerator
Thermal temperature fuse for refrigerator
Bimetal thermo unit for refrigerator
Heating Unit for refrigerator
Automotive Parts Car seat heater
Parts For Heating Equipments PVC heating wire for Electric blanket, Electric carpet and etc
Silicon cord heater


Durability test machine
Constant temperature and humidity chamber
Incombustibility testing chamber(UL)
X-ray spectrometer
X-Ray inspection equipment
Bending endurance testing machine
Electron microscope

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C Guangzhou Tachibana Electronic Co., Ltd.