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Aluminum PVC Cord Heater

Aluminum PVC cord heater mainly apply to regulate the temperature and the prevention of the frost for refrigerators, as well as the toilet seat heaters. Manufacturing of such electric accessories had made by manual operations and had a difficulty of mass production in old days. Now, we realize the mass production systems and technologies, after we dedicated to research and improve for long time efforts. At the same time, we also achieve the great cost merit. As notable contents, we have the top share for this products field in the world.


Home/Business use refrigerators , Toilet seat heaters


  • Waterproof structure
  • Realized the uniform temperature by the radiating effect of Aluminum..
  • The flexible welding tools can apply to any kind of shapes and purposes.
  • The welding tools realized to keep the stable quantity and efficient productivity
  • By our internal production technologies.
  • Operation temperature range (-30℃~105℃)


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